The Osborne Operation, located approximately 50 kilometres south of Mount Dore and the Merlin deposit, comprises mining, processing facilities and exploration tenements.

The main assets of Osborne are:

  • A two-million-tonne per annum (5,500 tpd) copper-gold flotation concentrator
  • A 19 megawatt gas and diesel-fired power station and associated gas pipeline
  • A modern camp with 470 accommodation units
  • A two-kilometre-long, modern airstrip capable of accepting jet aircraft

In September 2015, the Open Pit cut back project commenced.  First ore was mined in January 2016.  Copper Gold processing recommenced in February 2016 and is expected to continue to the last quarter of 2017.

Starra Line

The Starra Line is part of the mineral province that also includes the Merlin project and is located around 1 km to the west of Merlin on granted mining leases. Chinova holds 100% title to the Starra Line.  This area is very prospective with there having been 5 operating mines in the area over previous years. Currently there are no active sites with the last mining in the area having ceased in August 2014.