Chinova Resources is a private Australian mineral exploration, development and mining company. It operates in a stable jurisdiction in Queensland, Australia. It has an experienced management team, is generating operating cash flow and has a pipeline of development projects and access to extensive exploration ground.

Chinova’s tenements have brought riches to their owners since the early 20th century. With our innovative and diverse 21st century geo-scientific exploration techniques, the holdings will continue to create value for the foreseeable future.

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Chinova stands for new and innovative

Chinova Resources is 100% owned by Shanxi Donghui Coal Coking and Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. – a privately-owned Chinese company.

Originally created as the Australian exploration arm of a Canadian company, Chinova Resources was at the time the biggest exploration company in Australia. These extraordinary beginnings have given Chinova a growth platform from which to expand, based primarily on its significant holdings in the Mt Isa region of north western Queensland and its well-respected exploration capability.

In every cycle there are always opportunities. We believe that Chinova Resources has an abundance of opportunities. Our aim is to exploit these opportunities with a balance of innovation and discipline and continue to build a diversified portfolio of exploration and development successes that will provide robust economics and return significant value for our shareholders.